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While recording the Madolescent LP I called upon several friends and acquaintances.

Hugh Whitaker, former inmate and drummer with the Housemartins and the Gargoyles. Now back living in Hull, just round the corner from me. After recording the basic tracks with acoustic guitar and harmonica I decided to add drums. This proved difficult as I didn't always use a click track. Hugh being a star larker, fitted to the changes perfectly and as always was intelligent and urbane company throughout the ordeal!

Having attempted to replicate a violin part and failing, I asked international musician and music curator, Nahro to add some real violin to three tracks. It is he on Autumnal Down instilling the song with that wonderful ethnic flavour.

Not liking the sound of my own voice I thought I would distract attention by asking a student from my college to sing backing vocals. Ruth Bosman added some fantastic folk flavoured harmonies to several tracks and turned Autumnal Down into a virtual duet!

Got to have some bass though! I called upon Pete Dixon friend and colleague of my wife, Katy Noone at BBC Radio Humberside, who played electric bass. He was in a band called Pop Christ,

avante-garde musical anarchists, but brought a straight forwrd pop sensibility to the recordings. I also got Andy Swift  to bring along the double bass for a couple of the tracks. He played with Dave Rotheray of the Beautiful South on his new project Homespun. Andy is also a  composer and band leader and has performed and toured extensively in the UK over the last 10 years. He holds musician in residence status in East Yorkshire and has played at some of the largest Jazz and world music festivals on the Circuit, including the Miri International Jazz Festival(Malaysia), Whitby Musicport, Big Chill, Portsmouth, Shetland Islands, Sidmouth and the Channel Islands festivals.

Finally, although not strictly a member of the Human Voice, I have to mention Alan Jones of Nova Studios on Ella Street, Hull. With his patience and hard work he made recording the LP an exciting pleasure.

Thanks to you all and your beautiful Human Voices.....

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